Various Farmhouse Living Room Ideas to Try on

Living in either a house or apartment indeed requires a comfortable living room where family members gather during their leisure time. Farmhouse living room furniture ideas, in this case, is a good choice due to its relaxing sensation. It doesn’t have to be difficult to apply on, as well.

1. Modern Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Modern Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

A farmhouse living room indeed represents an old ambiance. Still, it suits any era, including modern societies. This timeless setting comes with many updates, in fact, recently. These would include modern furniture and appliances!

2. White and Neat Modern Farmhouse Living Room

White and Neat Modern Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

As mentioned earlier, a farmhouse living room represents a warm ambiance. For achieving a more spacious feeling, a white and neat modern theme is the best choice. Modern living room ideas should apply to this theme.

3. Spacious and Ventilated Farmhouse Living Room

Spacious and Ventilated Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

For a more comfortable sensation, it is a good idea to apply more and larger ventilation to the room. The arrangement of the furniture should be efficient, too. Sofa table decor and other ornaments should be considered first, however.

4. Farmhouse Living Room Ideas on a Budget

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas on a Budget

Some people think that setting a farmhouse living room would cost much money. Well, it is not true, as they can apply DIY designs and use used furniture. Here are some recommended examples to try, especially for those who have a limited budget.

5. Simplify the Furniture

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas Simplifi the Furniture

One of the methods to save much money on setting up a farmhouse living room is to buy simple furniture.

Being simple doesn’t mean to have poor quality, does it? The most important product is the seating. Next, it can be others like drapes, corner fireplace, etc.

6. DIY Farmhouse Living Room

DIY Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

The do-it-yourself concept has become quite popular these days. That means it only requires creativity in arranging and furnishing the room, without spending too much money. Home decor and effort should not be expensive, no?

7. Farmhouse Living Room Curtain Ideas

Farmhouse Living Room Curtain Ideas

In a farmhouse living room, curtains become one of the most important aspects to consider.

Fortunately, many inspirations and choices are available in the market based on the material, color, and theme. Not to mention the price varies depending on the quality.

8. Extra-tall Curtain

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas Extra-tall Curtain

Extra-long curtains give many benefits to the farmhouse living room. One of them is to provide a more elegant appearance to the room. The choice of color varies, as well. Rustic bathroom ideas suit this, too, somehow.

9. Burlap Curtains

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas Burlap Curtains

This becomes an uncommon idea in beautifying the farmhouse living room. Burlap is a cheap and easy-to-get material. Not to mention they look chic! Corner fireplace ideas work well with it but may cost more money.

Quote: In a nutshell, country living room furniture gives a comfy and warm ambiance to a room. It usually consists of items or future with natural woods and tones. The design applies simplicity and attempts to be as close to nature as possible.

10. Rustic Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

The prime benefit in applying a rustic style to the farmhouse living room is related to the wider ambiance. It also describes a warm and charming nuance! Moreover, the room can be mixed with semi-contemporary furniture, too.

11. Rugged Barn Wood Living Room

Rugged Barn Wood Living Room Decor Ideas

It is the matter of taste and cost, as rugged barn wood furniture is more expensive than regular ones due to its rustic value.

In fact, it combines well with modern appliances like LED TV. The barn wood furniture can also store consoles and entertainment media!

12. Neutral Farmhouse Living Room

Neutral Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

As the name implies, the concept is to apply a neutral color and furniture to the living room. This way, the atmosphere becomes more peaceful and soothing, without leaving the rustic value.

13. Farmhouse Living Room Furniture Ideas

Farmhouse Living Room Furniture Ideas

Setting up a farmhouse living room is considered easy, but it indeed requires some preparation. For instance, choosing the right furniture and theme is compulsory. The ideas below would be a good reference, therefore.

14. Antique Coffee Table

Antique Coffee Table Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

The appearance looks old and cold, but a coffee table becomes a nice addition to a farmhouse living room. It gives a distinct beauty due to its antique quality despite the expensive price.

15. Comfy Armchair

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas Comfy Armchair

The comfort aspect of an armchair makes it a wonderful addition in a farmhouse living room.

The quality depends on the swivel capability, brand, and material, though. As for the color, the most recommended one is white and other neutral colors.


Have a different preference is a common issue. Farmhouse living room furniture ideas above can be a helpful reference for those who want to conduct home improvement, therefore.

There is even no hassle in setting up one of the ideas! The most important aspect is suitability.

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